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An open platform to promote decision support


It's all about outcomes

Sunrise was built on the concept of an advanced and optimized decision support engine modeled after the Central Nervous System of a hospital.

The tools to collect clinical data were built around this decision support engine. The ability to provide true clinical decision support was the primary goal in the development of Sunrise

Sunrise Clinicals provides leading edge clinical decision support built into our open platform which allows hospitals and health systems to provide enhanced care coordination workflows that connect documentation, orders, patient problems and events with care planning in a highly intuitive user interface.

The Leading Choice for Hospitals

Sunrise from Allscripts enables better outcomes because it is setting the standard for the adoption, utilization, connection and innovation of clinical solutions at leading hospitals and health systems.

Innovation - Breakthrough Product and Process Innovation

Our innovative, open platform powers Sunrise from Allscripts so that it seamlessly integrates with third-party applications. And with our advanced platform for smart phones, you can access clinical decision-making power anytime, anywhere.

  • Coordinated: You get enhanced evidence-based care coordination workflows that connect documentation, orders, patient problems, and care planning – in a highly intuitive user interface.
  • Complete: Sunrise is a complete set of applications for acute care, ambulatory care, post acute care, referral management, analytics, and decision support.

Connection - Connect Your Organization and Your Community

True coordination of care for a patient encompasses every clinician, both inside and outside your organization. When multiple systems can share data, it’s easier to access information and make better-informed care decisions.

  • In your organization: Our integrated ambulatory, acute, and post-acute platform provides you a single solution. Plus, our open architecture platform and Helios by Allscripts™ platform connects third-party devices and applications, enhancing physician satisfaction without disrupting current workflows and simplifying data integration.
  • In your community: Connect to our network of over 50,000 physician practices and 10,000 post-acute care organizations, and even connect to other non-Allscripts entites in your community.

Adoption - A Leading Footprint in Healthcare

Allscripts solutions are used by one of the largest connected community of clients in healthcare including 180,000 physicians, 1,300 hospitals, and 13,000 post-acute care organizations. Plus, 100% of 2014 US News & World Report’s “Honor Roll” Hospitals are Allscripts clients.

Clinical, Revenue and Mobility Products

Many hospitals and health systems are evaluating acute care Electronic Health Record (EHR) strategies to address patient safety concerns, support clinicians and pursue Meaningful Use. Sunrise Acute Care (formerly Sunrise Clinical Manager) is the one EHR solution that works the way hospital clinicians work—allowing them to save time, manage information and improve patient care.

Sunrise Mobility Products

Maximize productivity with little overhead and support ̶ quickly making it a solution users don’t want to live without.

Sunrise Mobile MD II
Sunrise Mobile Care

Revenue Cycle Products

Proven results in helping organizations overcome challenges and experience outcomes like improved cash flow and increased efficiency

Sunrise Financial Manager
Sunrise Access Manager

Clinical Products

Sunrise Acute Care is an industry-leading, fully integrated enterprise clinical platform, including an Electronic Health Record and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) solutions, for hospitals and health systems.

Sunrise Acute Care
Sunrise Ambulatory Care
Sunrise Critical Care
Sunrise Emergency Care
Sunrise Knowledge Based Medication Administration
Sunrise Pharmacy
Sunrise Radiology
Sunrise Patient Record
Sunrise Surgical Care

Partner Products

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